Monkeys killing monkeys. Are we acting much the same?
I want it! No I want it!
ancient worlds Pictures, Images and Photos Unit Objectives: 1. Students will analyze the impact of nationalism, imperialism, militarism and alliances so as to explain the outbreak of WWI

2. Students will explain how the motivations of Western powers in expanding their sphere of influence led to the war.

3. Students will examine the tensions that preceded WWI 4. Students will differentiate WWI from earlier wars in terms of technology, methods of warfare, etc. 5. Students will examine the Post-World War I conditions (including the Treaty of Versailles) that contributed to WWII. 6. Students will explain the German, Italian and Japanese rationales for expansion and the rise of the Axis Power. 7. Students will summarize the events of the Holocaust. 8. Students will summarize key events in both the European and Pacific theaters. 9. Evaluate the conditions surrouding the development of atomic weapons and its use. 10. Students will examine and evaluate the peace process following WWII. Power Points:

College Prep Assignments:

Instructional Level Assignments:

Great Article on Humanity in War
An Act of Chivalry

WWI Still on the Landscape of Europe

Honors Study Guide:

Advanced Study Guide:

Articles and Documents and related Video: Shell Shock! The psychological effects of a whole new breed of warfare. Metallica-One (Johnny Got his Gun)


Hypothesis Assignment: