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This purpose of this website is to help students achieve success in my Economics Course at Jacobs High School by providing a complete guide with all documents, articles, study guides etc.

Course learning goals: Students who satisfactorily complete my Introduction to economics will understand and be able to articulate the core principles, concepts, and theories of modern economics. This includes,
but is not limited to, the basic aggregate demand and aggregate supply model, the multiplier effect,
the Keynesian, Classical and Monetarist models, and the open-economy macro model.
Students will begin to develop the ability to interpret and analyze economic data such as aggre-
gate output, inflation, unemployment and growth rates. Through lectures, discussions, assignments, simulations, smartboard activities and readings students will become familiar with the theoretical framework of macroeconomics and learn to apply it to the analysis of macroeconomic policy issues. Students should be sufficiently
prepared for the next level of study.

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Course Syllabus and Pertinent Information

Unit 1 Introduction to Economics

Unit 2 Supply and Demand

Unit 3 Business the American Way

Unit 4 Finance and 6 Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Unit 5 Business Cycles

Unit 7 International Trade

Unit 8 Consumer Budgeting

Stock Market Game

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Economics Final

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