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Why Geo-literacy?

Course Objectives: Human Geography focuses on how people make places, how we organize space and society, how we interact with each other in places and across spaces and how we make sense of others and ourselves in our localities, regions and the world. By the end of the course students should be able to fully comprehend this discipline and demonstrate that understanding on the AP exam.

There are clear Learning Targets found on each unit page.

AP Human Geography Promotional Video:

Cool Vid, the size of Earth in comparison

Wind Patterns of the West

40 Maps that explain the world

40 Maps that explain the World

18 Maps that may surprise you

Course Syllabus, Rubrics and Major Projects

Unit 1 Geography Its Nature and Perspectives (Chapter 1and 14 (globalization))

Unit 2 Population and Migration (Chapters 2,3 and 13 (Environment))

Unit 3 Cultural Patterns and Processes (Chapters 4,5,6 and 7)

Recovered unit 3

Unit 4 Political Organization of Space (Chapter 8)

Unit 5 Agriculture and Rural Land Use (Chapter 11)

Unit 6 Industrialization and Economic Development (Chapters 10 and 12)

Unit 7 Cities and Urban Land Use (Chapter 9)

Unit 8 Review and AP Exam Practice

Group Discussion Blog Discussion Blog Page

Human Geo in the News Scoop it

80 Maps that Teach us about the Modern World

Cool interactive Wind Map

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Quiz Fortune (Geography Quizzes)

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Skills of a Geographer:

Think Like a Geographer!

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