Big Picture? Is this the beginning of European and American Ascendancy?
Big Picture? Why wouldn't this 'float' today?

Unit 6 Learning Targets:

Industrial Revolution:
  1. Students will identify the technological, economic and social effects of the industrial age.
  2. Students will describe the how cities emerged during the revolution.
  3. Students will trace advances in industry to advances made throughout all of society including science and medicine.
  4. Students will associate the rise of social movements (among workers, women, and minorities) with the rise of big business and industry.
  5. Students will assess the rise of new social classes (especially the middle class) during the revolution.

College Prep Homework Assignments:


Instructional Level Homework Assignments:

10.1 Cha
10.2 5 co
10. 3 .
10.4 .

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Study Guide:

Practice quizzes and tests:

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Big Picture Questions: (One of these may appear as an essay on the test...hint/hint).

As we go through this particular unit consider the following:
1. How did the Industrial Revolution change people's lives?
2. How does it change our lives today?
3. Do you think the material benefits of the Industrial Revolution outweigh the harm it caused?